Farm-to-Table Catering with The Anthill Farm Kitchen

Monique's Muffins

The Anthill Farm Kitchen is the creation of Anthill Farmer and artist, Monique Milleson, who's labor of love here at the farm- cooking, baking, canning and preserving, had her wanting to share her discoveries and innovations with more than just friends and family. Monique spent some of her first years here in Northeast PA, creating the menus and preparing dinners at a renowned local art residency called Mildred's Lane in Beach Lake, PA.

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Harvest Dinner at the Cooperage this Friday!


  Hi Everyone! The Anthill Farm Kitchen is hosting a Harvest dinner at the Cooperage this Friday, November 9th. We are having an open kitchen from 3-7 pm, come and cook the meal with us! The dinner starts at 7pm, we will be serving up a banquet-style feast of food raised by us and our friends--we will have wine to share but you may want to bring your own spirits as well. Open stage starts at 8pm, all are welcome to perform--sing, juggle, read! and then we will dance the night away. ALL our welcome, donate what you can, your presence is most important.  We promise your belly will be full and your heart open to the wonders of the community we are living in together.

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