Some exciting news has come up! The Anthill Farm CSA is now part of a multi-producer local food distributor called the Lackawaxen Farm Company. An idea that was thought up by Anthill’s own, Sky Ballentine and Lawrence Braun, this new company has been designed to create opportunities for farmers and local artisan producers while providing easier more reliable access to local farm products for consumers. Members can browse the LFC’s online store each week to make their purchases and similar to the former CSA, they pick up their products at one of the designated locations.

What’s different about the former CSA and the new model?

A few things have changed…and for the better!

1.) You now have access to several local farm producers, not just The Anthill Farm

2.) It runs for 24 weeks now, not 22. We’re predicting JUNE 14th – NOVEMBER 22nd

3.) You can still order a “share” or “veggie box.” But now, the shares are their own product located on our online store. The shares can be purchased for the entire season up-front, OR per month, OR per week, at your convenience. Here’s how it breaks down…

  • Full-Season: 24 weeks, $500 dollars ($20.83 per week). A savings of $100 for you and up-front money for us! Win Win. Your contributions prior to the growing season are a tremendous help to farmers in need of capital for seeds, hiring employees and for fuel so thank you in advance, 500 times over!
  • Per-month: 4 weeks $90 dollars ($22.50/week) 
  • Per-week: $25.00


This season, the Lackawaxen Farm Company will have locations in Honesdale, Scranton, Hawley, Waverly and Milford, Pennsylvania. Members can sign up using the online form provided at the following link:

The pick-ups take place each Saturday at 10am at the following locations:

Milford: (10:00am-11:00am)The Jen Murphy Fitness Studio – 1113 W Harford St. Milford, PA 18337

Honesdale: (12:30pm-1:30pm) The Stoneworks Learning Center – 1036 Rear Main St. Honesdale, PA 18431

Scranton: (TBA) – 200 Arthur Avenue, Scranton PA 18510

Hawley: (TBA) – The Mill Market, 8 Silk Mill Dr, Hawley, PA 18428

Waverly: (TBA)