The Anthill Farm began in the summer of 2007 when my three siblings, Stephen, Rebecca, Galen, and I collectively purchased an old dairy farm outside the town where we were all born.  We planted lots of plants and raised lots of animals and made lots of “mistakes”.

Seven years later, after growing mainly annual vegetables while our perennial crops matured, we are finally starting to realize our dream and entering a more advanced succession on our farm.  We want to be a part of designing productive landscapes that support the web of life.  See Restoration Agriculture/ Production Permaculture (Mark Shepard, New Forest Farm).

We are now planting out communities of food producing plants in an agroforestry type framework and grazing animals in the alleys (silvopasture) of our existing plantings of chestnut, hazelnut, and asian and european pear.  We also raise about 4 acres of annual vegetables in the alleyways between the trees.

– Sky