Some exciting news has come up! The Anthill Farm CSA is now part of a multi-producer local food distributor called the Lackawaxen Farm Company. An idea that was born through Anthill Farm and has now become it’s own company. LFC has been designed to create opportunities for farmers and local artisan producers while providing easier more reliable access to local farm products for consumers. Anyone who is interested can sign up for LFC’s Multi-Farm CSA and then pick up their shares each week at one of our designated pick up locations.  Many of these locations are either local small businesses or non-profits that we have developed relationships with in order to support our respective missions.

What’s different about the former CSA and the new model?

A few things have changed…and for the better!

1.) You now have access to many local sustainable farms, not just Anthill Farm and our programs run All Year Long!

2.) We Now Have An Assortment Of Different Share Options To Choose From!

3) The Lackawaxen Farm Company has several locations throughout Northeastern PA and The Delaware Highlands Region. Anyone can sign up by the following link: and then go to the CSA page to choose the shares you would like to sign up for.